This is not a sob story. So if I sob, I’m sorry.


This is my journey with hypothyroidism so far, as briefly and as plainly as possible.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 9 months ago and so far I’ve had very little symptomatic relief. I initially went to the doctors on my sister’s recommendation after she was tested for a deficiency and saw a lot of the symptoms they had described in myself. I have all the usual symptoms (fatigue, weight gain, joint pain) and a month after she was tested, I was on meds. Since then, I have had my dosage increased twice and am now being referred to a specialist.

Throughout these past 9 months I have experienced all the normal emotions of elation at finding the problem, eagerness of starting the meds, and sadness at seeing no improvement, but recently I have become completely despondent with myself. I have awakened to my own laziness in fighting my condition and it is time to take my life back.

It is time to start exploring again, to push past my own boundaries and discover something that will change my life. It is time to start writing again and time to give myself things to write about. It is time to start feeling again, to remember what it is to be hungry for something more than the sofa and Hollyoaks. It is time to re-discover myself. The me I was before fatigue took over, the me I was before I lost my confidence to weight gain and the me I was before I gave up.

So this is my promise, my pledge to choose a different outlook on life, to fake energy if I don’t have it and conjure confidence when I am low. This is my promise to be as happy as humanly possible! Will you join me?


Tell me what you want most and lets make it happen! We won’t be stopped anymore!

▲ Lilybet ▼


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