Energy abounds: the Rizzle Kicks effect


I’m one of those people that enters loads of competitions on the off-chance I might actually win. I like to try my luck and the iTunes Festival is pretty much my dream scenario for this.

The iTunes Fest is a 30-day shindig throughout September at the Roundhouse in London that hosts 1-2 musicians a night. Acts from Jessie J to Thirty Seconds to Mars are booked and anyone living in the UK can enter to win 2 tickets for each night. You can enter into the ballot for as many acts as you like, but you can only win 5 times (I wish!).

I entered in to see a few people but I was really hoping to see Ellie Goulding (I’m obsessed with Halcyon Days!), I saw her at V Fest this year and she was amazing (as of now the ballot for Ellie’s tickets hasn’t closed so I might still win, keep your fingers crossed for me!). However, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from the good people behind the iTunes Fest congratulating me on winning two tickets to see…Rizzle Kicks!

Eliza 1

There is something so thrilling about winning a competition, as if you have been chosen by some unknown calibre instead of picked at random by a machine, I definitely should have tried my luck with the lottery.

Rizzle Kicks are seriously kick ass when it comes to perfoming. They are a duo of cheeky chaps who get the crowd pumped and really put everything out on the stage. Not worried about how much they’re sweating or how they look in a long blonde wig, when it comes to their music, anything goes.

I really love their music and have seen them a few times at Wireless and V Fest, but this felt more like an intimate gig than a festival. I’m not usually one to let my limbs loose and dance crazy but there were loads of people going all out and getting really into the music, it was so contagious! There seemed to be a heavy mix of people there too. Usually when you go to a gig you know what kind of people to expect, you know, a core fan base. But with these guys they seem to invite everyone and anyone, a huge range of styles and smiles!

I have to give the Roundhouse credit for the amazing atmosphere too, that place was made for gigs like this. Its round nature makes hard to get a bad view of the stage and there seemed to be a lot of space to dance and enjoy. The bars were a bit pricey but we had a couple anyway which felt so foreign on a school night!

Only having a weeks notice before the event meant that organising it was pretty last minute for me, we ended up in London 3 hours later than we planned to because I forgot my ID and then got us on a train going in the wrong direction! Bognor Regis sounds nice but I want London please! And I’m not just saying this because it was my fault we were late, I do honestly think that moments like those make an evening better because the fun is completely organic.

Since the weather was hot in the day but got colder as the evening went on, I opted for a maxi skirt and sandals:


1. Blue Animal Mix Tube Skirt – Topshop    2. Black Tank Top – Topshop    3. Pink Sandals – Accessorise    4. Ramona. Huge Gothic Cross Necklace – Regal Rose    5. Skye. 2 Sterling Sliver Knuckle Rings – Regal Rose

I couldn’t find the sandals I actually wore because they quite old now, but the ones above are very similar! You just have to imagine them in a dusty pink 🙂 I really feel like the jewellery I wore made this outfit. I am trying to make a conscious effort to wear more accessories as I usually just have one pair of earrings that I never take out and I have been looking everywhere for accessories to match my ‘beach curls’ (thank you Bumble and Bumble!) so these knuckle rings were perfect! I love love LOVE Regal Rose – I also have these earrings and this necklace which I’m sure will make an appearance soon!


I was worried I was going to really suffer the next day with tiredness, hypothyroidism doesn’t really mix well with a late night and an early following morning for work, but the next day I felt just as awake as I normally would and it was really refreshing. I’m hoping this is a sign that my new dosage is working and that a few more months and a smidge more patience will get me some real results!

Here’s to more evenings where energy abounds in the face of hypothyroidism! When was the last time you went out on a school night?

▲ Lilybet ▼


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